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COVID-19 Logbook: day 0

COVID-19 Logbook: day 0

Baricella 24 February 2020. The only background sound you should hear during the skater’s performance is the music that accompanies her gestures. Not today. There are more and more insistent buzzes in the walls of the gym. It’s a sort of wireless telephone and runs between the people sitting on the steps. Noises of voices, which are getting louder and louder. “Red zone”, “Red zone”. Those words go from lips to lips. You look around. Where do these people come from? Suddenly, a cough resounds in the gym. Quiet. A shiver runs down everyone’s back. Who coughed? This is it, the virus has arrived here too.

I am at home and I start thinking. We are not in 2008, this time I feel equipped to counter the crisis on the horizon. First problem to face: the health aspect. My staff is my strength, their health and that of their families is the aspect that I must put first. It is Sunday, but I know I can rely on the help of my staff.

From my computer I send the first email.

SUBJECT: Coronavirus
TEXT: How are we going to organize ourselves?

A whirl of emails begins in order to decide what to do the next day. SPAI has to open and you don’t have to waste time. First decision: you block the trips. Second decision: urgent meeting of the department supervisors; with them you check and define a strategy for the crisis situation. Without any panic, these decisions are communicated to all employees, the same Sunday evening. A firm decision, without any doubts or uncertainties. The head of a company is like the captain of a ship, when the storm is approaching he has to hold the helm in his hands and inject confidence to the crew. That same evening, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the first measures to contain the epidemiological emergency. We are ready.

Fabio Farneti

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