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Management of technical information


We manage your technical content

Archived in secure and reliable Data Centers, managed through controlled and protected accesses, they allow your commercial network and your customers to access information in the ways and quantities you believe most appropriate.


A single management of information for as many possible outputs.

Most people think that strawberries are only good in a cup with whipped cream, but in reality they can be used for a great risotto, to enhance the flavors of game or to make us ice cream. In the same way, the information that is generated in a company, while maintaining its own peculiarities can be administered in a completely different way to achieve different goals.
Spai helps you, through a single management, to invent new “recipes” for your technical information, so that you can use them in different ways, at different times and through different channels, achieving your objectives more effectively.

The Use and Maintenance Manuals are an obligation, a necessity, but also an opportunity. The law requires the system manufacturer to describe how to safely transport, install, use, maintain and dispose of the machines. In a virtuous process this need leads to analyze and reflect on the design solutions made, which if well grasped becomes an excellent opportunity to make improvements on their products.


An obligation, a necessity, but also an opportunity.


Systems Effectiveness Report, Customer Satisfaction Feedback, Market Product and Service Requests.


New technologies allow ever faster information flows, but let’s do it the right way.


Experienced operators in solving all problems available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is the secret dream of every customer.

The collection of information during an industrial process, become the silk with which the commercial apparatus goes to weave its own silk. Reports that show the effectiveness of the system, feedback on customer satisfaction, collection of customer requests, products and services required by the market are transformed into the hub on which raise and elevate your company.

An expert in solving all problems available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is the secret dream of every customer. Today these dreams can become reality through the Help for Tech service proposed by Spai.

The world runs, the information even more…Why be a turtle in a world of hares? Whether we like it or not, customers no longer want to wait. New technologies allow faster and faster information passages, but every new possibility should not be made banal. Spai will help you to solve problems relating to the management of access control to information, bandwidth management to avoid access saturation, avoid server downtime and data security and storage.

Your technical network, your sales network and your customers will be able to access information quickly and appropriately at their access level, without constantly asking for your assistance.

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