Consulting, Compliance and Validation

Our history


From the intuition and commitment of Fabio Giovanni Farneti, SPAI S.r.l. was born with the aim of bringing innovation and development into the world of technical documentation;


SPAI welcomed its first employees, most of whom are still in the company;


SPAI entered into the pharmaceutical world.
Through this long, lasting and continuous experience, SPAI was able to acquire a new point of view on the reality of technical documentation, understanding the needs of the end user;


SPAI expanded! We changed office, remaining in Bologna, to welcome new collaborators;


The contraction of the markets and the economic crisis that was affecting our country also affected SPAI, which was nevertheless able to maintain the active collaborations that had established up to that moment, coming out of this critical moment even stronger;


SPAI consolidated and expanded its relationships with the major companies of the territory that deal with industrial automation;


SPAI developed an extensive network of collaborations and complementary services, with the aim of providing customers with an increasingly complete service, of which SPAI is the only handler;


SPAI started a partnership with a software house to develop the transition from “technical documentation” to “technical information”;


SPAI expanded further! New office changed to accommodate the new substantial increase in staff and the partnership with BC Studio S.r.l. for the supply of graphics and technical photography services;


SPAI, after years of development, started the “assisted maintenance” project;


SPAI is launching the “assisted maintenance” service.