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EMA report on veterinary drugs published

EMA report on veterinary drugs published

The 2022 Annual Report for regulatory activities in the veterinary medicines sector has been published by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Ten new veterinary medicines were authorised in Europe in 2022: these included two vaccines, and three treatments with new active ingredients. Additional information for already-approved drugs have also been published.

List of new veterinary drugs approved in 2022:

Dog medicines

  • DogStem
  • Cortaderm
  • Coxatab
  • Lotilaner Elanco
  • Mometamax Ultra
  • Neoleish

Cat medicines

  • Chanaxin

Pig medicines

  • Chanaxin
  • Brucellin Aquilon

Chicken medicines

  • Evanovo

Horse medicines

  • RenuTend

The above-listed medicines expected to have the greatest impact are RenuTend, which improves healing of equine tendon and ligament injuries. DogStem, which soothes osteoporosis-related pain in dogs. Neoleish, again for dogs, a biotech plasmid DNA vaccine for active immunisation against Leishmaniasis (infectious disease of parasitic origin). Lastly, Evanovo, a new active vaccine for poultry, intended to reduce the consequences of coccidiosis.

The EMA report also publishes summaries on projects that monitor efficacy of treatment, adverse reactions and maximum residue limits (MRLs). Where a medicinal product is marketed for use in food-producing animals, it is necessary to address any human safety concerns that might arise from exposure to medicinal product residues in food of animal origin.