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Technical information for the industry

Our aim is to create and provide useful tools for the verification, disclosure, maintenance and archiving of information that is produced during the design and testing of automation systems, we primarily target companies that operate in packaging automation but not only

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Spai Srl has been operating for over 20 years in the packaging industry, the pharmaceutical industry and technical documentation.
From design to testing, both of individual automatic machines and complex integrated lines, there is no field in which Spai has not accumulated experience and know-how.

Spai Srl is based in Bologna, in the centre of the Italian Packaging Valley.

Why choose SPAI


The network of collaborations that Spai has developed over the years, allows us to provide customers with a complete, competitive and innovative service. Within a company, technical information must be born, collected, transmitted and protected. For this reason Spai has selected partners with whom to deal with this information in the era of industries 4.0.


We believe that true innovation lies in the sensitivity to anticipate the needs of the customer and be ready when these needs become real. Tell us about your needs… we probably already have a solution.


Mental elasticity, openness to change, the ability to find new solutions and continuous professional updating are characteristics that allow our team to provide a service suited to all your needs. Our staff is young but has a deep knowledge of the sector in which it operates, combining energy with high know-how.