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Assisted maintenance


Assisted technical maintenance

Spai through the project HELP for TECH offers a unique, special and innovative Help Desk service.

Installation and validation are also performed remotely

Help 4 Tech service allows you to perform remotely also the installation and the validation. There will be no need to send technicians in distant and expensive business trips. Thanks to the Spai team with his native speakers in English, French, Arabic, German, Polish and other languages, it will be possible to lead the end costumer safely in these two important stages: machine installation and validation. Spai will be able to connect the end costumer with the parent company technicians (Spai costumer), provide the technical support for the software, a professional who will be the direction chamber and the translation between the installer and the end costumer.

The service will include:

  1. Verification of the end costumer wireless data network availability and of the needed requirements in the installation location.
  2. Supply or assistance in the purchase of the Smart Glasses.
  3. Technical support to use the software and translation of the instructions to be given for the installation and/or validation of the machine.

A technical solution with something more...

The project provides the coordination and provision of technical information between qualified personnel, with expertise on specific machines and technicians of final customers, also offering the possible support of interpreters in the language of the user.

The creation of this Help Desk integrates and improves the administration of the technical information usually assigned to the Use and Maintenance Manuals, allowing a targeted search for topics and a simpler and faster understanding.

Help for Tech Eng

What does the service actually provide?

The service foresees, for the manufacturing companies, the cost reduction (and therefore a saving), the displacement of the cost centers of some activities and therefore a greater deductibility of those costs (other saving), but above all the possibility to offer an innovative service to its customers, service that for them will become more and more fundamental and indispensable.

Through a dedicated network managed by experienced staff it will be possible to communicate directly with the end user and in the language he or she requires, helping him or her to remotely resolve critical issues and reduce downtime with a speed and efficiency never seen before.

Help for Tech Eng
Help for Tech Eng

How will direct contact be established with the end user?

Through personal augmented reality devices such as glasses and earphones, it will be possible, using a private and secure data transmission network, to exchange audio and video information in real time both towards the HELP for TECH centre and towards the end user.

The service can be activated at the times requested by the user (even 24 hours) and the specialized staff will communicate in the language requested by the user.

Help for Tech

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