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Help4Tech: how it works

Help4Tech: how it works

This is the second part of the Help4Tech article, the new assisted maintenance service activated by Spai Srl. Read the first part of the article.

The use and maintenance manual is not always consulted by who works on the machine and it does not always contain in-depht information for all records. We frequently provide a CD or a link to be consulted, but these are both uncomfortable supports for an operator in difficulty. Spai studied a solution which allows the end user to work directly on the machine with the “live” help of a competent technician that leads him to the goal and reassure him offering a good experience with the manufacturer brand.

Help4Tech is a real and proper shared vision, not an augmented reality.

This is a sector in which hardly ever there are two identical machines, whereas more fixed standard would be needed in order to efficiently use the augmented reality potentialities. With the Help4Tech solution, instead, the on-site operator is led by means of a pointer that tells him where to intervene. The viewer transmits what he is seeing to the technician connected from the service centre, who can talk to him thanks to the earpiece. Thus, the end user can also train and therefore the next time he will have the same problem, he will be able to solve it by his own.

What are the economic benefits for the manufacturer?

Help4Tech service free up producer companies internal resources, to whom no additional cost is required: the hardware, i.e. the glasses set, is provided by Spai Srl. In concrete terms, the user that want this service, stipulates an assistance agreement with his supplier, who, in turn, stipulates it with Spai Srl. It could be a fee service or a plus that the manufacturer sells adding it to the machine price. The Spai Srl customer has only to invest in our training but, if it assigns to Spai Srl the realization of the use and maintenance manual as well for that given machine, no training will be payed because it is yet intrinsic in such task. In such a situation, the training time is, in fact, reinvested in this new service, convenient also considering the end user/after-sales point of view contact.. Many companies, actually, are overloaded and do not have available resources to manage the contacts ; Spai Srl can be certainly useful, avoiding to weigh down their organization. Essentially, Spai Srl provides to the automatic machine manufacturer a help-desk that handle the first screening. The on-site technician calls and Spai Srl answer with a precise mandate of his customer. If necessary, Spai stands the bridge mode with the manufacturer in order to find a solution. If it is not possible to solve the problem remotely, the travelling support technician sent by the customer will leave. In this case, however, he will know exactly the problems.

Read the first part of the article.