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Help 4 Tech: the remote assistance service via smart glasses

Help 4 Tech: the remote assistance service via smart glasses

We have already talked of our Help 4 Tech remote assistance service, the perfect solution to connect the supplier’s technician of the automatic machine with the end user’s technician, immediately and in the agreed language. Today more than ever, considering the travel difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the service we offer is useful not only in the maintenance phase but also for the installation and validation activities.

No more distant and expensive travels thanks to mother-tongue technicians Spai team (in addition to the main ones, also Arabic and Polish), we can guide the end customer safely, activating the service only when required.

Help 4 Tech includes:

  1. Checking the availability of an end customer’s wireless data network and the necessary requirements in the installation location.
  2. Supply or assistance in the purchasing of the Smart Glasses.
  3. Technical support for the use of the software and translation of the instructions to be given for the installation, validation or maintenance of the machine.

“Our added value – explains Fabio Farneti, founder of Spai Srl -, is not to supply software and hardware, but to guarantee technologically qualified human resources able to speak the same language of the customer. When you interact thousands of kilometres away, knowing the machine you are working on and speaking the same language are fundamental factors to achieve your objectives in a short time and with certain results”.

Watch the video we have prepared to present the service