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Smart glasses, we are testing different solutions

As expected, in this period our remote maintenance service Help4Tech has had a significant increase in demand. The difficulties to travel related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reduce travel costs for companies have induced several companies to turn to[…]

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Google acquires North, Focals smart glasses start up

It has been confirmed the acquisition of the small Canadian start up North by Google, news that confirms the attention paid by the Mountain View giant to smart glasses. North had appeared on the market in 2018 with the launch of Focals,[…]

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COVID-19 Logbook: smart working

Ok, in the end it was not so difficult. That was what I thought on Friday, March 13, 2020, almost twenty days after I gave employees who required it the possibility to work in smart working. The first two weeks, from Februar[…]

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COVID-19 Logbook: phase 2

“Football has stopped, from sixty million coaches we’ve turned into sixty million Council Presidents”. My partner complains while she leaves one of the thousand chats she visits.. I smile, thinking about how true those words are, we are good, very good in[…]

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With SPAI the installation and validation of the machines do not stop

The actual COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic will have a huge impact on the way we live, work and on the world economy. It is expected that we will rethink globalisation model of the production of goods that seemed to be acquired and unstoppable.[…]

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COVID-19 Logbook: day 0

Baricella 24 February 2020. The only background sound you should hear during the skater’s performance is the music that accompanies her gestures. Not today. There are more and more insistent buzzes in the walls of the gym. It’s a sort of wireless[…]

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COVID-19: What I think of this period of crisis

Anyone knows this is a pandemic which, together with the health crisis, will bring with it an unprecedented economic crisis. In these days we are all looking at the help that can come from the Government, at the situation of its own[…]

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Spring is coming, time for inhalers

In the middle of the emergency for the spread of the COVID-19 virus, better known as Coronavirus, it should not be forgotten that our health is also undermined by other diseases, more known but no less dangerous. With the arrival of spring,[…]

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Pharmaceutical validation: the importance of training and comparison

Pharmaceuticals sector, in particular those involved in validation processes, is a niche sector , where the few players on the scene tend to avoid confrontation and lack training opportunities. Our CEO Fabio Farneti recently took part in a training and discussion event[…]

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How a pharmaceutical validation ‘should’ be carried out

In the last meeting with our Sole Administrator Fabio Giovanni Farneti, we talked about the difference between validation and testing in the pharmaceutical sector, leaving us with this question: “If in a validation, differently from a test, only the parts related to[…]

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