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An unbelievably unthinkable year

An unbelievably unthinkable year

An unbelievable year, or, it might better to say, an unbelievably unthinkable year. A new beginning has start, a beginning far different from the one of the past year but a new beginning, nonetheless. Vaccines will arrive and we will be travelling again, but in the meantime the chrysalis is about to turn into a butterfly. With the Christmas holidays we will move the servers into the data centre and draft the contract modification for smart working on a permanent basis. This will close the loop.

It is strange to think that in a year in which we were able to travel so little, SPAI made such a long journey, but to make a good journey you need good travelling companions. It is for this reason that I want to thank all my collaborators, both internal and external, especially the wonderful SPAI team, BC Studio, the accountants Dalla Casa, the employment consultants Moretto, the software house Palomar, the communication agency Rizomedia, the lawyers Resca and Barbuto and the Oliva Studio, as well as all our clients who esteem us and prize us with their trust.

And now, towards new adventures

Fabio Giovanni Farneti

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