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The safety of a medicine

The safety of a medicine

The safety of a medicine derives from a long and complex chain that starts from the research phase and arrives at the moment in which the patient or the paramedic open the package and manage the substance to be taken. Throughout this chain, events may occur that can compromise the effectiveness of the treatment up to actual and more or less serious damage to health. Analyzing the risks that can occur throughout the life of the drug is the way to assess, and prevent, the negative consequences for the health of people or animals in the case of veterinary medicines. The same applies to cosmetic products and, in general, to all the substances we take or apply on our body to treat us.

At SPAI we have worked for two decades alongside the manufacturers of the production lines and alongside the pharmaceutical companies to carry out the delicate task of analyzing the risks associated with errors in the dosage, labeling and packaging lines. Together with the Quality Assurance we are committed to ensuring that the medicine reaches our homes perfectly, as it should be.

We have an important task, which we carry out with care and responsibility using effective and performing methodologies that we have developed over time.


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